Our Mission

Cleaner Skin, Cleaner World!

Producing the highest quality handcrafted, organic, skin-friendly soaps available is simply not enough. Love Soaps is dedicated to making the world a cleaner and more beautiful place.





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Dan Morgan

Inventor and Founder

Dr. Irina Morgan

Chief Inspiration Officer

Our Story

After an exciting career at Lockheed and NASA, I became Chief Babysitter for our two wonderful grandkids, Nicholas and Katherine.  One day our daughter Julie dropped off Katherine and asked me to give her a bath and MAKE SURE I used a gentle and organic soap.  With baby in the tub playing with a rubber ducky, the only soap I could find was Head and Shoulders – yikes!  Out of the tub, wrapped in a towel, with lots of tears, we wandered around the house and found some “extra mild” baby wash and shampoo. So, it was back into the tub – tears gone and having fun.

While Katherine was splashing around, I read the 23 ingredients from the baby wash and was convinced this stuff could be used for rocket fuel.  The next day I set out to make my own formula – calling the manufacturers of each and every item (soap base, moisturizer, fragrance, essential oils, and colors) to ensure there were no harsh chemicals and everything was organic.

Love Soaps was born from the love for our grandchildren, so we are excited to share this beautiful, affordable, chemical-free, and yes – truly organic – soap with you and your family.