When our nephew Cole was 20 years old he became a seasonal firefighter. He and his unit were sent in as first responders to Santa Rosa to battle the Tubbs fire, which burned parts of Sonoma, Napa, and Lake Counties. At the time the Tubbs fire was California’s most devastating wildfire.

Some days we didn’t hear from Cole. (You can see the photos below where he is battling some tremendous fires.) We worried about him and prayed for his safety. When Cole finally came home, we realized who the real heroes are in life. Firefighters bravely head toward danger to keep all of us safe.

The real heroes are those who are working to protect us and keep us safe each day—like firefighters. While they are often overlooked in the community, they never hesitate to come running when they are needed. They do whatever they can to save people, to save pets, to save homes and businesses, to save our land.

And that’s why we need to show appreciation to our firefighters. 

For our giving campaign—Give Some Love to Firefighters—our goal is to donate as many soaps as possible to California’s 895 fire stations, where they will be distributed amongst the 20,000+ firefighters who battled the recent wildfires.

If you would like to give some love to firefighters, please join our giving campaign!

For only $5, you can send a Life Soap, with its signature green apple scent (green apples represent harmony, healing, and knowledge—and a wish for peace), to a firefighter. You are welcome to select a special message with your gift at checkout. The soaps are produced at our cost and volunteers will deliver the soaps in person to fire stations.

The direct answer is no. Our company is new and we are excited about providing jobs and getting the word out about our truly organic and beautiful soaps.

By supporting our Give Some Love to Firefighters campaign, you can show your appreciation to firefighters while also helping out a small Bay Area business during these difficult times.

Absolutely! Click on the Shop link above to view our selection. Free shipping is provided with the purchase of any three soaps.

Thank you so much for your kindness.

Our Nephew, Cole.